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  • Something special for this Navratri:Aloo ki kadi
    Aahhhh my sweet sweet viewers as we celebrate navratri every year with a lot of craze…..and joy, i think beside that everyone needs a special occasional dishes also….am i right????? So i thought that let’s discuss some of the recipes that i knew for this festival with you ……and you know what i have came […]
    So that is it for today guys meet you in the next one!!!!
  • Tips and Tricks for smart cooking 🍳😋👌😎
    1: If you are sauting onions and garlics do the onions first because it takes longer time for it to soften……while garlic easily 🔥burns…. 2: while juicing lemons cut the bottom of the firsts…so that all the juice run through the fruit…instead of getting trapped in the rind. 3: Cracking eggs????? Use broken egg shells […]
  • Read this before you make your cake!!!!!
    “Cakes are love” many of us had heard this sentence many time…..nowdays people are trying to make cakes in their home…..but the actual thing is that many of their cakes comes to be super duper hit. 😳and many of them flop….various types of tricks and methods are there some are easy some are hard….but what […]
    So hi here today i am uploading my blog almost after 3 days…..i know daily blogs are not coming from some days its because of some time shortage…..i 🙃was thinking of posting something different this time so one of my blogger friend has suggested me to do it on SPICY CHICKEN KABAB… let’s don’t be […]
  • I need your suggestions:in comments….
    Hi viewers it’s been 2 day i haven’t posted anything on my website as i am thinking to come with some amazing reviews and recipes of food….with various tips and tricks so i want you guys to suggest the things you want in the comments…… But for then choose one of the kababs you need!!!!! […]
  • Indian Matar Chaat :
    🙏Namaste viewers so today there would bea small blog….about my experience when i ate chaat yesterday….evening…. Here it is Yesterday evening i decided to eat chaat and review my experience to you….and believe me not guys its an amazing combination of taste…..totally i felt so delighted by the sweetsour taste of the chaat….and spicy also…..the […]
  • Khichdi: traditional food
    Yesterday it was Tuesday and me and my family enjoyed the taste of khichdi an Indian traditional food…..and the most special thing was that the it was made by the karigars (Chefs)…..the karigars are the one who cooks for any religious events in India moreover many of the people hire them for the weddings also……because […]
  • Healthy livings
    Hi viewers during this pandemic situation the first priority is to keep ourselves healthy…..healty mean not only eating but eating things in a proper quantity…..and the most important eating food which increases stronger your immune system as well…..but many of us think that healthy food is not tasty….. But that’s the point today i would […]
  • Indian cuisine talks……
    Hi everyone 😃!!!hope you enjoyed the week where i was posted the Indian breakfast recipes and ideas whole week….so today after so so many of recipes today i wanna share amazing talks with you alll……so first i start with my intrest how this Indian cuisine website was invented how the idea came to me and […]
    About Egg Muffins : This healthy recipe for egg muffins is an easy grab and go option for busy mornings. It is loaded with healthy and fresh veggies, meat and spices of your own choice. Ingredients of Egg Muffins 1 tsp Butter 4-5 pieces Mushroom 1 small Onion (Chopped) A pinch of Chilli flakes 5-6 […]
  • Cutie’s Breakfast
    This is a small idea sharing with you….so let me quickly make you understand…. Take bread tear it into piece…. Now take milk in a sauce pan and put 3 cups of milk powder boil the milk till it become concentrated….add 1 cup of sugar now add the bread pieces…..and boil it again add yellow […]
  • Indian Breakfast 💜💜
    Oats Idli These fragrant little pastries resemble a savory pancake. Made with oat flour, they are gluten-free and can satisfy every guest at your table! Chock full of traditional spices and hearty vegetables, oats idli is the healthy breakfast you have been waiting for. These delicious treats are fully customizable to your palate preferences. They […]
  • Paneer Pakoras:::::
    Most of we love to eat paneer(tofu)… and there are various idea to make it…every country has their own way of but today we r goin to make it in a tastier way…and will give some trick and tips to make it.. So we need::is Paneer Red chilli powder Turmeric powder Cumin powder Onions […]
  • Fried soya rice🍲🍲😋
    Namaste🙏, Here comes Wednesday with another breakfast recipe…. Fried rice with soya chunks are the amazing breakfast which is both healthier and tastier to eat….so for this item i have readied a beautiful and very easy making of it….and also provided you a video above that will make your work 💪even more easier…don’t worry about […]
  • Hello viewers 👋👋 !!!! Tuesday Food day🥪🥪
    Hmmmmmm…….. so today is something special i wanna share with you so all we eat sandwich where vegetables like cucumber,tomatos,leaves are stuffed🍅🥒🥦…..but today i would be suggesting a amazing way of making sandwich…..which india usually make…..its healthy too….. So we need….. One cup mayonise Chilli tomato sauce 🍅🥣 Chilli sauce🌶🌶 Grated cucumber , 🥒,carrots,broccoli,beans🥦🥬🥕🌽corn…. Bread […]
  • Hello foodies waiting for a new recipes!!!!
    Here i have come with another unique recipe today……so today we are goin to make some dessert….. So first i would suggest 1: take a bowl full of water and add 4 full cups of sugar in it and boil it for 10 minutes in high flame …… now after this task take the bowl […]
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  • Watch “NORTH INDIAN THALI 99/- || BANGALORE 😋❤️” on YouTube
  • Watch “Mughlai Paratha Recipe – Easy Veg Moglai Paratha – Paneer Stuffed Paratha – Ruchi” on YouTube
  • A Day Without Food, by: foodies…
    So well i am a foody…..and in my case i go towards food instead of waiting for it to come…so i m jst imagined one day while eating a packet of maggie cooked…on my bed at 3 am that what if i lived one day without food….😱the imagination was terrifying…..i start thinking about my cravings […]
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  • Jamshedpurian Street Foods 2
    So hello guys today with the another mouth watering blog i am here to share the 2nd part of jamshedpurian street foods….. Disclaimer: (the content you are going to read will make your mouth watery and will fill you with hungerness…..)🤭😜🤪 So talking first about gol gappas many of we say it puchka or patashi […]
  • Jamshedpurian Foody Streets
    Heyya guys welcome to the blog as today i m going to talk about something foody…..yaah i mean about food around us only in one street……yess guys its true that sranding in one street u can have many tastes of various types….. This wish of yours will become true in the street of Jamshedpur a […]
  • Paneer tikka
    Paneer tikka is an Indian dish made from chunks of paneer marinated in spices and grilled in a tandoor. It is a vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka and other meat dishes. It is a popular dish that is widely available in India and countries with an Indian diaspora. Main ingredients: Spice, Garlic, Paneer Modern paneer is usually traced back […]
  • Lush Of Gulab Jamun

Part of secret of success is to eat

What you like, and let the food flight it out

& inside…….

Checkout the new blog for the delicious gulab jaamun as your today's desseet
Zaika ka apna hi mazza hai #paneertikka
Biryani is what which makes your mouth watery by its aromatic existence near you……
The perfect dessert for a perfect dinner night which all indians love to have….when you look at gulab jamun you have to smile 😃 hey yaah you must have eaten many things but have you tried the amazing gulab jaamuns of Kolkata…....

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