Hello viewers 👋👋 !!!! Tuesday Food day🥪🥪

Hmmmmmm…….. so today is something special i wanna share with you so all we eat sandwich where vegetables like cucumber,tomatos,leaves are stuffed🍅🥒🥦…..but today i would be suggesting a amazing way of making sandwich…..which india usually make…..its healthy too…..

So we need…..

  • One cup mayonise
  • Chilli tomato sauce 🍅🥣
  • Chilli sauce🌶🌶
  • Grated cucumber , 🥒,carrots,broccoli,beans🥦🥬🥕🌽corn….
  • Bread 🍞🍞
  • Pepper 🧂🧂
  • Oil what you prefer (except mustard oil)
  • Cheese if you need it to be 🧀🧀🧀

So first we have to make toast breadsss…..🍞🍞

Now take the grated vegetable in one bowl….now….🥬🥕🌽🥒🥦

Take a cup of mayonnaise in which 3 spoon of chilli sauce and tomato sauce is mixed….fry them for 3 minutes…..you can use any oil except mustard…..🥣🥣

Now mix the fried sauce with the grated vegetables….

Now spread the mixture upon the bread and sprinkle some 🌶pepper…

If you want it cheesy grate some cheese also and again cook it for 1 min…..but here i m suggesting without cheese..🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀

Ummmmm…. now put the other bread on the bread spread with mayonnaise……..

Now….your sandwich is ready to serve now you can serve it to your dears at your breakfast time…..🥪🥪👅

My followers now this whole week i m goin to post amazing Indian breakfast ideas…..so plzz like it….share it……for more amazing adventures to the Indian food world…..🥰🙏🙏

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