Hello foodies waiting for a new recipes!!!!

Here i have come with another unique recipe today……so today we are goin to make some dessert…..

So first i would suggest

1: take a bowl full of water and add 4 full cups of sugar in it and boil it for 10 minutes in high flame …… now after this task take the bowl and keep it in a refrigerator to chill..

The chaasni is ready……keep it to chill if you want colour in it add to 2 or 3 kesar in it……..


Now take milk in a sauce pan and add lemon juice…to form paneer of it ..

Now take the paneer and add it to maida and add half cup milk and knead it….

Now make small ball of it…

Now take oil and fry the balls….deep fry it till it become light brown in color

Now after frying…… take the fried balls and dip it into the chaasni…..and then again keep it in refrigerator….

After that your gulab jamun as a dessert is ready previously i have uploaded a recipe but it was little bit complicated as it contained many items…..but in a simple way it is written here….hope you like it…..

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